About Me

My name is Tamsin Harper and I graduated from the University of Exeter with a 1st class BSc Zoology hons degree in 2020. I am a driven and self-motivated individual, passionate about practical wildlife conservation, particularly rewilding and human-wildlife conflict resolution. This enthusiasm manifests itself in many ways, making my diversity a winning attribute to any team.

Alongside my motivation to use practical conservation techniques to resolve conservation issues, I am a strong advocate for science communication. I would like to remove the barrier between scientific researchers and the public so that our neighbours can become part of the solution to the environmental crisis. This has focused me to enhance my verbal communication skills through presenting my research at conferences, whilst motivating me to create multimedia materials that share science to wider audiences.

Tamsin Harper BSc (Hons)

One method of communicating science that I have progressed in is writing conservation articles for non-science educated adults. I volunteer as a writer and editor at Bloom in Doom Magazine and write with a humorous and positive solution driven perspective for the average Joe. However, I would like to branch out into more serious writing for the cause. You can read some of these articles on my ‘Articles‘ page here on the website. 

I have also created Illustrations and comic books to reach younger audiences. To the right is a sample from the creation process of a piece aimed at educating young children about Primates in the UK pet trade. This particular piece has been given to the WildFutures primate santuary for use in their campaigns.

I intend to showcase these materials here on the website on the ‘Projects’ page very soon. There are more on the way !

All of my multimedia creations have clear conservation messages and are based on accurate and up-to-date research. This is something I pride myself on.

I am associated with Ecolocation, a ecological consultancy at which I carry out dawn and dusk bat surveys, reptile surveys and help to produce ecological reports. I have experience using camera taps, bat detectors and static detectors which are helpful tools not only in surveying but also in media creations.

Prior to my working with Ecolocation I have undertaken volunteer work at Warwickshire County Council’s Biological Records Centre. I have also volunteered on Warwickshire Wildlife Trust’s Survey Force. Both of these organisations have allowed me to enhance my identification of UK plant and animal species.

This has been a brief summary of my beginning along my yellow brick road.

Although I am keen to gain more research experience it is also important to me to work within organisations such as NGOs and reserves. This stems from my practical hands-on mindset. Research is only useful if it is being used to make a difference.

Be the change that you want to see in the world.

Please feel free to explore this site and my work.